Improving Battery Life for Digital Cameras

With a traditional camera, you can take pictures even then, when your batteries are empty. So, how are you going to take pictures with your digital camera, when the battery is empty? There is not much choice. To get the most out of the cameras batteries, you should start using some energy saving tactics, that are easy to remember and implement.

* Switch off the camera when not in use
* use the motor driven zoom lens only when you really need it, don’t use it to show off
* shorten the time for previewing the picture on the LCD screen
* shorten then time for the automatic shut down of the camera (only do this when timing isn’t an issue, like it is with snapshots, animals or sports photography)
* in cold climate, keep the camera warm. Batteries loose their power rapidly when they are getting cold.
* When working in cold climate, take a spare set of batteries along
* always use the best batteries you can get. Usually the more expensive batteries keep their voltage for a longer time on a steady level.
* When using reload able batteries, get the more expensive NiMH types with the highest capacity available. They have a very long life between reloading and no memory effect.

Tom has spent most of his free time behind cameras of different types. He specializes in close-up work and travel photography. To share his experiences and fascination about digital photography, he has set up which covers topics for beginners as well as advanced users of digital cameras.

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